Dolphin 87

Identifying, hiring, and maintaining a talented team of professionals with diverse specializations can be both a significant challenge. Individuals working in and around the electrical industry require a group of diverse skills to mitigate the dangers associated with the industry. Often supervisors are unable to accurately assess the knowledge and skill levels of potential employees nor are able to identify the areas of weaknesses in their seasoned team members. Canada Training Group has been responding to this challenge since 1987 by designing and creating an Engineered Industrial Competency Assessment System which we call Dolphin 87.

Dolphin87 gives employers, training supervisors, and Human resource managers the ability to assign a series of assessments to any of their team members. These assessments evaluate the knowledge, competency, and experience of a team member. Upon completing the necessary knowledge and skill assessments, reports can be generated to identify the knowledge level along with confidence in different skills which allow businesses to make crucial hiring decisions as well as logic-based training decisions.

The Dolphin 87 system presents a series of questions by means of a web-based platform which works on both stationary and mobile devices. 

Should you need more information on this powerful and insightful system, we would love to chat with you and create a customized assessment for your team. Please contact Tanya Whiffen by email at, chatting with our sales team on the bottom right corner of this website or calling Canada Training Group at 1.800.661.1663.