LIVE 2-Way Video Now Available

We have updated our courses to be delivered in LIVE 2-Way Video Training format. Courses will run from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM in multiple timezones.

Experience and Know-How

Individuals working with electrical systems put their lives on the line each day and deserve the best training possible so they can make it home safely each day. Canada Training Group can mitigate such risks.

All of our training is taught by experienced instructors who have a total of almost 800 years of combined electrical testing, troubleshooting, maintenance and safety experience on systems up to 550kV. In order to make each minute of training as effective as possible, Canada Training Group has developed mobile labs which allow students to experience real life scenarios in a safe environment.

We offer a wide variety of training including Low voltage training, high voltage training, electrical systems troubleshooting, VFD training, CSA Z462 requirements, and many more courses. No matter what your needs are, we can train your team!

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About Us

Canada Training Group strives to provide the best Electrical Safety Training anywhere in North America.

We embrace hands-on training by:

  • Simulating complex electrical problems in a classroom environment
  • Leveraging mobile labs for onsite training
  • Ensuring all of our instructors are seasoned electricians.

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March 22nd, 2021: The Significance of As-Built Drawings: Why is Mechanical and Electrical Blueprint Reading Important? by Julio Bonilla The Significance of As-Built Drawings: Why is Mechanical and Electrical Blueprint Reading Important? by Julio BonillaJulio Bonilla has been in the Oil and Gas Industry for the past 30 years. He graduated...
March 11th, 2021: We're doing 3D Scanning - Electrical Safety Surveys - in Lloydminster with our LiDar cameras. Having your environment scanned provides access to an unbelievable VR instance of your entire workspace. We use it to deliver live virtual instructor lead safety, troubleshooting and maintenance training...
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