Richard Stickel worked at the Canfor Taylor Pulp Mill for 33 years. He has worked in operations, electrical and industrial instrumentation maintenance, construction in the oil and gas field and airport electrical construction. He holds dual journeyman certification as an electrician as well as an instrument mechanic. He is a 4th class power engineer.

As a technician Richard was involved with construction and maintenance of high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage systems. He also installed and programmed DCS and PLC’s, installed and repaired VFD’s, and installed and maintained analytical instrumentation and control valves.

He began his career at the pulp mill in operations and then moved over to E&I. He held the position of electrical and instrumentation supervisor for a number of years and then transferred into the planning department. As a supervisor he was responsible for the training and safety of the staff as well as contract electricians and instrument mechanics. As a planner he was involved with organizing and implementing the safe completion of regular maintenance and projects. He was also E&I team lead on major projects.

Richard has been very involved with speed skating in Canada as a coach and has led a number of academies and seminars.