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We specialize in providing detailed coordination studies critical for the optimal performance and safety of electrical systems across various industries.

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Extensive Benefits of Coordination Studies

System Reliability and Resilience

Coordination studies help in identifying the optimal configuration for your electrical systems, significantly reducing the likelihood of unplanned outages and enhancing overall system resilience.

Safety and Hazard Prevention

By pinpointing potential fault points in electrical systems, coordination studies are instrumental in preventing accidents, thereby protecting equipment and personnel.

Regulatory Compliance

Our studies ensure your systems adhere to national and international electrical safety standards, keeping you ahead of regulatory requirements.

Operational Cost Savings

Proper coordination translates to less wear on equipment, reduced maintenance costs, and extended asset life, offering significant long-term savings.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

We offer solutions that not only save costs but also promote environmental sustainability by optimizing energy use.

In-Depth Methodology for Tailored Solutions

We begin with a detailed assessment of your existing electrical system, followed by simulations and analysis using state-of-the-art software tools. This process includes:

Load Flow Analysis

Understanding how electricity moves through your system to identify inefficiencies.

Short Circuit Analysis

Evaluating system response in fault conditions to ensure proper functioning of protective devices.

Protective Device Selection and Setting

Choosing the right equipment and settings for optimal performance and safety.

Advanced Technologies & Innovations

We utilize the latest technologies in our coordination studies, including advanced simulation software and AI-driven(???) analysis tools. These technologies allow for more accurate predictions and customized solutions.

Integration with Other Services

Coordination studies complement and enhance our other services. They form the backbone of a comprehensive electrical safety and performance strategy, tying in closely with our Arc Flash Studies, enhancing the curriculum of our Personalized Training Programs.

A Safety-Centric Approach

Safety is at the heart of all our coordination studies. We not only focus on compliance and efficiency but also prioritize the safety of your workforce and facilities. This commitment to safety is reflected in every aspect of our work.

Custom-Tailored for Diverse Sectors

We understand that coordination studies are not one-size-fits-all.
We specialize in offering these studies tailored to the unique requirements of different industries, as reflected in our diverse client base which includes:



In the manufacturing sector, coordination studies can significantly improve production efficiency by minimizing electrical downtime and enhancing equipment longevity.



Energy companies benefit from these studies through enhanced system reliability and risk reduction in high-stakes environments, ensuring uninterrupted energy production and distribution.


Mining and Natural Resources

Coordination studies are crucial for maintaining the safety and efficiency of electrical systems in resource extraction and processing, where the risks are elevated, and the cost of operational downtime is high.


Government and Defense

For government and defense sectors, these studies ensure the resilience and reliability of critical infrastructure.


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

In these sectors, coordination studies contribute to the safety and reliability of electrical systems in environments where precision and dependability are paramount


Utilities and Renewable Energy

Utilities can leverage coordination studies to optimize the performance of their electrical grids, enhancing capacity and reliability, especially in integrating renewable sources.


Construction and Engineering

These studies assist in designing safe, efficient, and compliant electrical systems for complex construction projects.


Technology and Innovation

In fast-evolving tech industries, coordination studies help in maintaining cutting-edge facilities, ensuring that electrical systems support innovative processes and rapid development cycles.

Partnering Across Industries for Electrical Excellence

Opt for Canada Training Group for your coordination studies to benefit from our deep expertise, tailor-made solutions, and comprehensive understanding of electrical systems. Our goal is to ensure your systems are not just compliant and efficient but also safe and future-ready.

Our extensive experience with a wide range of industries allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge and specialized insight to your coordination studies. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of each sector, ensuring that our studies are not just comprehensive but also highly relevant to your specific industry needs.

Elevate Your Industry with Our Expert Coordination Studies

Contact us to discuss how our coordination studies can be tailored to the specific demands and challenges of your industry, ensuring enhanced safety, efficiency, and compliance.

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