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Many companies have a written Electrical Safety Program (ESP) with tons of information – policies, procedures, protocols, schematic diagrams, manufacturer manuals, tables, flowcharts, forms, permits, appendices, operating and switching procedures, OH&S law and regulations, CSA Standards, lockout procedures, arc flash data, PPE and testing equipment. The manual is often 100+ pages.

More information is better, right??? However, does the ESP detail and complexity overwhelm your workers? Do they see it as written for the Managers and the H&S department? As a result, the ESP manual often sits on a shelf, unused by workers.

Canada Training Group can partner with your company to build a customized Electrical Safety Code of Practice focused on the needs of your operating and maintenance workers.

Code of Practice - Defined

A Code of Practice for Electrical Safety is a document written to complement your extensive Electrical Safety and OH&S programs. A well written Code of Practice provides focused and practical guidance to assist worker understanding which ensures consistent application across the organization.

Canada Training Group’s Expertise

Canada Training Group does not do canned worker safety programs. We have been training in electrical safety and maintenance since 1980. Our instructors are electrical professions all with 40+ years of field experience who keep abreast with advances in technology and industry safety trends. Most importantly, we understand and can relate to operating and maintenance workers and the challenges they face on the job.

Workplace Specific – Worker Focused

Our objective in building an Electrical Safety Code of Practice is to create a document that is “User Friendly” and is written in terms understandable to your workers. It addresses the specific equipment/systems at your workplace and the specific hazards at your workplace. The specific tools, PPE, procedures, and rules used by your workers are then explained and illustrated in the Code of Practice. Workers do not need to interpret and cross reference using a multitude of tables and flowcharts. Another key objective is that the Code of Practice reflects the commitment Management is making to electrical safety.

Our Approach

To ensure we meet these objectives, we will visit your facility(s) and meet with a wide cross section of management and workers to hear their issues, receive their input, and determine what is important for workers. A collaborative approach with active participation of the workers, who must live by the expectations outlined in the Code of Practice, is critical to ongoing success.


Canada Training Group can follow-up your customized plant specific Code of Practice with rollout training and competency assessments to ensure effective implementation. To ensure continuous improvement in your company’s electrical safety, Canada Training Group can perform subsequent auditing and support necessary revisions and additions. An effective Code of Practice is best if it is a living document addressing ongoing improvements.

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