Mobile Labs

Our mobile labs provide students with the opportunity to grow their understanding of electrical components in a safe, hands-on environment. Typically when racking a 600v breaker, individuals cannot see what is happening as they rack in and rack out. In the background, many pieces of the breaker are moving as the procedures occur. In our labs, we have removed the metal housing from multiple pieces of electrical equipment which gives students exclusive insight into the moving components of the electrical breakers, switches and other hardware. In other words, they are now able to see what they are feeling.

Each of our labs have been setup to train on multiple brands of equipment and simulate countless real life scenarios. Take for example Lab 1.2, our Electrical System Testing and Maintenance lab, which has 1/2 a kilometer of 15 KV cable allowing students to identify the length and location of damaged sections. This lab also has over 20 different testing devices from multiple providers. The following courses an be run from this lab:

  • Setting, Testing, and Troubleshooting Electrical System Protective Devices
  • Electrical System Testing and Maintenance
  • Utility Substation Maintenance
  • Protective Relay Maintenance, and Calibration Maintaining Testing

No matter if the students are experienced professionals, or they’ve just graduated, our training sessions inside of our custom mobile labs include an extensive variety of tests that they can use in order to safely put in practice the newly acquired skills.

If you are interesting in having one of our labs come to your site or would like additional information please contact Levis Beaudoin by email at, by phone at 1.800.661.1663 or by chatting with our sales team on the bottom right corner of our website.