Mobile Training Labs:
grow your understanding of electrical components in a safe, hands-on environment.

Canada Training Group has invested heavily in mobile electrical training equipment allowing us to bring real-world practical equipment to facilities.

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Ledership training - our unique and comprehensive approach

Designed to provide hands-on practical skills training

Unique in North America

We provide a competitive edge that cannot be replicated by our competitors without investing thousands of human hours in design, development, procurement and construction as well as a million-dollar budget.

Training and Certification

With our labs we can exceed the requirements of InterNational Electrical Testing Association, American National Standards Institute, National Fire Protection Association, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and any other electrical standards body.

Built for Professionals

No matter whether the students are experienced professionals, or have just graduated, our training sessions inside of our custom mobile labs include an extensive variety of tests that they can use in order to safely put into practice their newly acquired skills.

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VFD Motor Control Hydraulics and Pneumatics Lab

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The multi-manufacturer variable frequency drive training that we provide in this lab is not provided by any single manufacturer and without a lab like this no competitor can match our training.

There is nowhere else in the industry where you can physically get your hands on such a variety of VFD equipment brands. With the in-depth hands-on training we provide in these labs, students not only get to see and handle each piece, but also get to run scenarios on them! Practicing on each piece in our lab allows students to feel comfortable with the vast array of equipment brands available. The specific systems that are used at your location can be integrated into the training for a more customized course.

virtual tour Lab-3-VFD-Motor-Control-Hydraulics-and-Pneumatics-Office Take a 3D Tour of
the VFD Motor Control Hydraulics
and Pneumatics Lab
Lab-3-VFD-Motor-Control-Hydraulics-and-Pneumatics-Office Lab-3-VFD-Motor-Control-Hydraulics-and-Pneumatics-Office Lab-3-VFD-Motor-Control-Hydraulics-and-Pneumatics-Office

Mobile Substation Safety Training Lab

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It is extremely difficult for companies to provide practical electrical safety certification as it must be done with real equipment and in a working facility, the electrical equipment is always energized.

Canada Training Group built these labs so technicians can work on real equipment that is de-energized and gain the essential life safety skills that they need to work safely.

virtual tour Lab-11-Medium-Voltage-Test-Lab-Office Take a 3D Tour of
The Medium Voltage Safety Lab
Leadership training - ongoning support and evaluation from expert instructors
Lab-3-VFD-Motor-Control-Hydraulics-and-Pneumatics-Office Lab-3-VFD-Motor-Control-Hydraulics-and-Pneumatics-Office Lab-3-VFD-Motor-Control-Hydraulics-and-Pneumatics-Office

Mobile Substation Testing Training Lab

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Our standard of small class training maximizes each student’s opportunity for hands-on training with the equipment.

The students work on projects individually or in teams of two on electrical apparatus and test equipment, learning easily and effectively how to program, conduct tests, analyze the results, and find the faults in all kinds of electrical systems. Students will become familiar with Telemecanique, ABB, Allen-Bradley, Cutler-Hammer, Danfoss, Eaton, Delta, Hitachi, Honeywell, Omron, Teco-Westinghouse, Trane, Weg and Yaskawa.

virtual tour Lab-11-Medium-Voltage-Test-Lab-OfficeTake a 3D Tour of
The Medium Voltage Test Lab
Lab-3-VFD-Motor-Control-Hydraulics-and-Pneumatics-Office Lab-3-VFD-Motor-Control-Hydraulics-and-Pneumatics-Office Lab-3-VFD-Motor-Control-Hydraulics-and-Pneumatics-Office

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