3D Imaging and Virtual Reality

Canada Training Group can provide 3D Imaging services of your facility, process equipment and electrical power distribution system. A 3D rendering of your plant can provide multiple benefits including:

  • Create a visual record with digital tags to document equipment inventory, spare parts records, maintenance records, etc.
  • Allow design modifications and upgrades with 99% dimensional accuracy.
  • Facilitate shutdown maintenance planning for plant outages.
  • Provide orientation for new employees, contractors and visitors with a 3D facility walk through.
  • Safely training employees on electrical work practices and maintenance routines.
  • Enabling sign off on skills and competency levels with a virtual demonstration of critical job tasks.
  • Practice of mock scenarios for emergency response.
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Virtual Reality

VR is one of the safest, controlled and effective tools for persons to attain new knowledge and skills.

Virtual reality is a 3D digital simulation of real-plant scenarios for the purpose of learning. Using a headset and hand recognition devices, learners are immersed into a virtual 360-degree environment identical to his/her workplace. Learners interact with electrical transformers, switchgear, protective relays, wind turbines, PPE & specialized test equipment, and even with other people. These interactions allow learners to practice applicable skills and gain knowledge, without hazardous risks or process downtime.

A person learns in a virtual environment by performing a task, receiving feedback, adjusting their techniques, and repeating the task until understanding and task execution reach satisfactory levels. VR training provides a fully immersive experience and allows for unlimited repetition. Continual on-the-job practice that helps radically improve skill attainment.

Many of these training experiences can be challenging and costly to coordinate in operational facilities. Situations like troubleshooting near energized electrical circuits that would typically be high risk can be practiced safely in a virtually controlled environment.

As-Built - BEM BIM Software

An As-Built BIM is a Building Information Model of an existing building. Depending on the category, it could show exact location of structural, mechanical, plumbing and sometimes electrical members. The as-built model shows exact geometry and dimensions of all visible elements at the time of the survey. When you think of BIM, it is always assumed that you will be working in 3D so an as-built BIM is always a three dimensional model of an existing building.

BEM is used to map the surrounding area of a building or a design, from adjacent buildings and infrastructure in the vicinity to pipes, foundations, and underground archeological monuments.

BIM and BEM are applied on an increasingly wide scale and therefore have a major influence on the present and future design and building practice.

How it works

3D Scan Your Environment

Canada Training Group visits your facility and scans your equipment and processes using our state of the art Leica camera. Data is gathered during the site visit to include digital tags for detailed records and equipment documentation.

Compile and Render your Data

After 3D scanning, Canada Training Group converts the imaging and data files using specialized software into viewable reports. A model of your electrical power distribution system is integrated.

Report Presented

Your high definition 3D tool is now available for planning, designing, virtual reality training and more. Canada Training Group’s world class specialists are available to support the various applications of 3D Imaging.

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