• Tammy Stacey, Suncor
    "The instructor did a really good job with this training course considering we had 3 people with a language barrier. We were all really frustrated. He explained things very well and was very knowledgeable. He didn’t make me feel in anyway “stupid” as I was the new “man”. The troubleshooting...
  • Vance Gnyp, CO-OP Refinery Complex
    “I thought he did a great job presenting the materials and how to properly and efficiently troubleshoot electrical systems. I think that I can use the information I got to help me diagnose problems I may come across at work. I learnt that a system should be analyzed and a plan made before proceeding...
  • Drew Cameron, City of Ottawa.
    “Very good training, very much like back to the trade school. Best training I have been on in a long time. It really helped with logical process for troubleshooting. Example, more analysis less testing.”
  • Ben Eisler, West Fraser Quesnel Plywood
    “Dave engaged us by including lots of questions in his discussions. It caused us to think or at least to create in our minds a place to pile the information that came next. We were not bored by a “I talk, you listen” type of presentation. It improved my appreciation for the dangers that can be...
  • Jayson Pasareno, Syncrude
    "The content in this course was good. It covered a wide range of breakers. This course also provided us with a good step by step instruction on the procedures of testing. This is a good course for general maintenance for breakers."
  • Tamara Gillard, Syncrude Canada
    “The class content was appropriate and geared tactfully, touched a lot on the safety aspect of electrical switches. Instructor was clear and concise. Classroom size was also nice.”
  • Shawn LeRoux, Paragon Security
    “I feel that this course is an excellent source of information. This knowledge will help to reduce accidents.”
  • Tim Kupchanko, Spectra Energy
    "Set forth the value of not rushing into tasks. Take the course, especially for the Arc Flash component."
  • Ed Reid, Syncrude Canada
    “This course was very informative; instructors were clear in speaking and material delivery. Good hands on equipment, I felt engaged and interested in the material.”
  • Chris Layes, Pembina Pipelines
    “This course was very informative, straight to the point and very worthwhile.”
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