Instructors - Canada Training Group
  • Cecil Hunt, Syncrude Canada
    “The course was very well taught and a good eye opener. Every person working around 600v should take this course.”
  • Rick Farrington, Velco
    Excellent course, Joe Kiceniuk did a great job presenting the material. This was a very good refresher for those of us who have experience troubleshooting electrical/electronics and excellent foundation for those us who did not.
  • Mark Johnstone, Syncrude
    “The instructor was very knowledgeable in troubleshooting and course content very interesting and worthwhile course.”
  • Troy Gold, Co-Op Refinery Complex
    “Introduction was good, well-paced and concise. This course had the perfect proportion of lecture vs hands on. It had a good variety of troubleshooting diagnostic boards/software, an excellent course for apprentices.”
  • guy,
    It's a testimonial
  • Logan Davis, DND
    “The course was outstanding. The instructor was top class, knew his material, very informative, loads of useful information, will change now how I approach the future work.”
  • Craig Matthews, Greyrock Mining
    "I found the instructor, Ed Rideout very informative. He had lots of experience in this work. The course covered lots of information on the functions and the safety of voltages, breakers etc. I found the course very useful and I feel a lot safer after completing it. I now know what PPE I need to work...
  • Jamey Kennell, RCAS
    “This course was informative. The instructor is very good in keeping people engaged. I would improve this course by adding more training aids and by doing scenario analysis. Maximum group discussions are always valuable.”
  • Mark Rasmussen, Westmoreland Coal
    “It was a very informative course, and excellent refresher on main areas of our field.”
  • Kam Wint, Suncor
    "This course is truly beneficial to my career. There were plenty of exercises and practice time with the Low and Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers. Our instructor was very professional and helpful with any questions that we might have had for him. Every electrician should take this course."
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