• Nikitas Alexopoulos, Syncrude
    "I found this course extremely valuable in regards to reinforcing the foundations of electrical safety and how it feels to really identify potential hazards with regards to electrical equipment. This course really makes you appreciate the systems in place to protect personnel and how to recognize problems...
  • Simon Szczesniak, Ace Instruments Ltd.
    "Great course, limited the long drawn out readings, engaging activities, informative videos. The instructor has a great deal of personal experience."
  • Percy Whittaker, Inter Pipeline Ltd.
    “Excellent delivery, Ross has a wealth of personal experience that he shared. He is passionate and very knowledgeable about the subject matter. He encouraged feedback and participation from the class. I would highly recommend.”
  • Stephen Sherwin, Ainsworth Engineered
    “This is an excellent course to build confidence in troubleshooting, building a solid base from which to troubleshoot. The instructor, Terry Yonkheym, sets a good pace, is knowledgeable and is easy to understand.”
  • Wade Harrogate, Maintenance Supervisor, Molson Breweries
    “ I enjoyed it. It was very mixed. You were not overdoing just one aspect but always covering something new. I like the troubleshooting tools…thinking, observing, analysis, then test!”
  • Randy Mykytuk, Akita Drilling
    “This course is very valuable for rig hands to troubleshoot electrical. It had good theory and the hands on troubleshooting was excellent.”
  • Colter Johnson, CNRL
    “This course was very informative and eye opening. I’ll definitely take information away from this course and apply it in my workplace.”
  • Mitch Miller, SaskPower
    "A good mixture of material delivery and practical time"
  • Ron Holland, Syncrude Canada Ltd
    “Again, really enjoyed this course. Very informative and well put together. Good to keep up to date with ever changing Rules & Regulations.”
  • Tim Hauck, Ainsworth Lumber
    The Arc Flash Low Voltage Safety course was great. It opened my eyes to a lot of potential hazards that we work with everyday & take for granted. I will definitely work on my safe work practices and change a couple of my habits from bad ones to good ones. I will trust the equipment a little less and...
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