Instructors - Canada Training Group
  • Morgan Griffin, Lasso Drilling
    "It's a valuable course and Dave is an entertaining instructor. I will use all the information for improving my leadership and people skills"
  • Neil Guyat, Operations Supervisor - Smith & Long Ltd.
    "...valuable teaching on the proper use of HV test equipment, what test equipment to use and the reading we should see while doing so in a safe manner."
  • Warren Liick, Sasktel
    "This course is as important for management as it is for people that actually work on the equipment. Understanding the need for safety process, PPE and the need to work without distraction will help me better manage my employees."
  • Calvin Delhon, Syncrude Canada
    “This course has helped me realize the right procedures to take when meggering equipment.”
  • Chris Bodnariuk, Tembec Industries
    "I have gained the confidence in analyzing and learning how to find a problem, by not getting my mind stuck in one spot. Just that alone has already made me better at my trade. The amount I have learned during this course would have satisfied me by the end of the second day. So, having a full five days...
  • Jordan Martin, Highway Technology
    “If any work in a possible electrical environment needs to be done, you should be in this course. Even if you aren’t doing the work you should know the hazards of even being in the vicinity because you can/will be affected. I had no idea the possibilities of Arc Flashes even with Low Voltage.”
  • Michael Herbertz, Highway Technology
    “This course makes me aware how serious arc flash is in any trade and very fortunate to have the course presented in the manner of a simple understandable way for my learning habits.”
  • Ben Faulkner, Newfoundland Hydro
    "Great course, will use the knowledge we learnt on this course for years to come. Very knowledgeable instructor who did a great job of explaining the material and answering my questions."
  • L Valente, Vari-Form Inc.
    “The course explained causes of arc flash and necessity of PPE and the instructor explained these effectively. Videos scared the crap out of me.”
  • Jesse Wanger, Syncrude Canada
    “The instructor; Fred Tanguay was very knowledgeable and explained different concepts very well. The testing we did on cables will pay off right away. Fred knew a lot about the different course outcomes and was able to transfer that knowledge into good demonstrations. I would highly recommend this...
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