• Lee Morsette, Boeing
    "The best off-site training I have been to..."
  • Paul Berriault, Mosaic Potash
    “Ed was very knowledgeable and easy to approach. Kept the course interesting, keep up the good work. Ed needs a raise.”
  • Matthew Borys, Imperial Oil Resources
    “Strong course with lots of interaction. The instructor kept the course very relaxed.”
  • Al Logan, Catalyst Paper
    “Also very useful as an “attitude tune up” for safety issues in general. Whoever makes the decision to skip substation maintenance because we need the lights on for other work should take this course.”
  • Sheldon, Dansereau, University of Saskatchewan
    “I found this course very informative. It helps bring things back to perspective of slowing down and think of what you are doing. It was good to have a refresher on information I haven’t used or heard about for years. I’m just getting into the field of high voltage and appreciate any knowledge...
  • Rob Birtles, Shell Canada Ltd.
    "All of the information from this course is applicable. I would suggest it for all electricians and it helps that the instructor had worked on all the high voltage equipment before. Personal experience helped this course a lot."
  • Patrick Kachur, Electrician, Syncrude Canada
    "This course will pay for itself the first time a critical motor is down. If it saves one hour of downtime that is $100,000.00"
  • Fred Dollivier, Department of National Defense
    “Great course and instructor was great. Will use to help analyze and troubleshoot issues in antenna systems that I work on.”
  • Paul Saltel, Apperley Electric
    “I think the course was very helpful. I now feel more confident in potentially dangerous electrical situations. The instructor was great and we had a good pizza lunch. I can’t wait to apply what I learnt in the field.” Tyson Falle, Prodigy Tech Group Inc. “Training was good. Lots had changed...
  • Filippo Caro, ADM-Agri Industries
    “I feel much safer in approaching my day to day electrical tasks. I cannot wait to share these tips with other co-workers in the future.”
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