• Jon Kieswetter, Hammond Manufacturing
    Dave Neal was a great instructor, kept things interesting.
  • Bryan, Grain Millers Canada
    “Great course for all personnel. An eye-opener.”
  • Tyler Richter, Syncrude
    "This is a great course and it would benefit anyone in this type of field."
  • Ed Wilhelm, Station Electrician, SaskPower
    “ A good variety of content, and a well informed and open instructor. I will be teaching this method amongst my apprentices and co-workers.”
  • Alain Charron, Syncrude Canada Ltd
    “Dear Dave Smith, Terry is an excellent instructor and is very knowledgeable. Please give him a raise! Great course! Thanks”
  • Colin Lynn, Co-Op Refinery Complex
    “Using logic and better testing (meter) techniques, I am now a much more effective and efficient trouble-shooter.”
  • Darrel Mohns, Powell Industries
    "The fault testing was very beneficial and increased experience level significantly. The course was very good and worthwhile."
  • Nick Mills, Revere Plastics
    “The course was very well prepared. The instructor gave more information this time. It was well worth taking this.”
  • Anthony Moore, Syncrude
    "This course was very well constructed with knowledgeable presenter. This was a great course and I would recommend it."
  • Terry Wardrobe, Weyerhaeuser
    “The first day I thought I should get a little more instructions, but I got into it and I started to see the objective, what the objective was to get me thinking and figuring out methods to improve my troubleshooting. In the beginning I was frustrated but as my troubleshooting improved, frustration...
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