• Justin Pyper, Prodigy Tech Group Inc.
    “The course was very informative, I learnt quite a bit about arc flash, the safety gear involved and the proper procedures involved. The instructor was great and made the material entertaining as well as educational.”
  • Troy Gold, Co-Op Refinery Complex
    “Introduction was good, well-paced and concise. This course had the perfect proportion of lecture vs hands on. It had a good variety of troubleshooting diagnostic boards/software, an excellent course for apprentices.”
  • Wendell Robicheau, Esso Imperial Oil
    “Great instructor gave everybody chance to participate, good pace, and quality of material. Very knowledgeable and experienced at his job.”
  • Brian Hawco, NL Hydro
    "This course was very well put together and I learnt some very interesting things about arc fault and the required PPE needed to work on different voltages."
  • James McDonald, Grain Millers
    This was a good course to cover safety protocols for working around electrical circuits.
  • John Cormwell, Kiewit Energy Canada Corp.
    “Excellent course, highly recommended. Brings a new level of awareness to electrical dangers.”
  • Matt Hawkins, Velco
    I enjoyed this class a lot. I liked the use of the different boards and how hands-on the class was.
  • Michael Roste, Syncrude
    "A good guy, got the students involved in questions. Cal used lots of good useful examples."
  • Joel Pilgrim, City of Prince George
    The course was both informative as well as instructional.
  • Paul Sherwood, Agrium
    "Most of the content of this course pertains to my day-to-day duties at work, and was explained in laymen's terms so it was easy to follow each step."
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