• Peter Pavich, Weyerhaeuser Canada
    “The course was challenging and effective in teaching the intended skills. As long as one keeps in mind its intent which is to focus on a troubleshooting system rather than the particular equipment, I think anyone would find it an excellent learning experience.”
  • Todd Blundon, City of Ottawa
    “The instructor was very friendly and easy to talk to and explained things nice and slow. He was very down to earth. The course was very informative and the equipment was great, there was lots of testing equipment. Very enjoyable, no pressure when it came time to testing labs. It was the most enjoyable...
  • Dave Robinson, Mosaic Esterhazy
    “Very good course. It teaches a lot about testing and making better decisions about the condition of electrical equipment. This will help with troubleshooting and improves electrical safety for electricians and the site.”
  • Dan Sweeney, Keyera Energy
    “Ross is an excellent teacher, he is knowledgeable, has lots of real life/hands on experience and a good sense of humor.”
  • Dan Carnelli, Cancarb Ltd
    "This course was well worth it. The direction on how to accomplish certain tasks will be very useful."
  • Mike Gallant, Irving Tissue
    The course was effective at teaching the importance of proper documentation of problems and how to narrow down a problem area.
  • Tim Hauck, Ainsworth Lumber
    The Arc Flash Low Voltage Safety course was great. It opened my eyes to a lot of potential hazards that we work with everyday & take for granted. I will definitely work on my safe work practices and change a couple of my habits from bad ones to good ones. I will trust the equipment a little less and...
  • Paul Fitton, Champion Drilling
    "I got a better understanding of how different electrical systems work and got lots of hands on practical learning. My instructor was excellent and helped me personally, so I would remember and understand what I'd been taught."
  • Caeden Watkins, BC Transit
    Peter was a very knowledgeable instructor with lots of real world examples and lots of relevant industry information.
  • Florian Constantine, Martinrea Automotive Systems Canada Ltd.
    First of all thanks for sending Dave Neal . He is well versed with subject and kept going 8 hours. All the participants (many are not electricians) were completely glued to the subject and the training. It is indeed a good eye opener for many of us. Dave you are really good in what you are doing : Training...
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