• Dean Piccinin, Catalyst Paper
    “Useful course. Learned some new useful information. Also, a good reminder to work safe. The instructor was excellent.”
  • Bryar Cholewa, City of Lloydminster
    "The course as well as the instructor, Dave Smith was fantastic. It opened my eyes to electrical safety and will vastly impact my actions when dealing with electricity in the future."
  • Matt Messer, Enbridge
    "This course reminded me to have more respect for high voltage. It was taught in a way that is applicable to the way I work, and came from the instructor's own experiences."
  • Tristan Rombough, Peace Valley OSB
    “This was a great course and a friendly instructor. Added to my knowledge of the dangers involved in my workplace and how to eliminate those dangers.”
  • Shawn Faith, Mott Manufacturing Ltd.
    "Very informative course and identified many faults and bad habits that need to be corrected."
  • Freddy Espinoza, Imperial Oil
    “Excellent course with valuable information. Well experienced trainer with lots of valuable information from years of his career. Great interpretation of the code books for safety.”
  • Quentin Attwater, Agrium
    "The course was good, we were shown a different way to approach problems. The instructor, Terry Yonkheym was easy to understand and follow."
  • Karalee Krekoski, Syncrude Canada Ltd.
    “This course was a great reminder of how dangerous it can be in the electrical trade and the precautions to follow.”
  • Joe Van Niekerk, Suncor
    "This course will pay for itself by the time I repair my first piece of equipment. Ed Rideout is an excellent instructor with a lot of actual hands on experience. Top guy, top course. Material was clear and relevant."
  • Justin Lynch, Syncrude Canada Ltd.
    “Course was very helpful, very good reminder of what we work with every day and a good refresher. Instructor was very good, helpful and knowledgeable. Very good course.”
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