• Chris Osmond, Suncor
    "The course was well presented and the instructor Ed Rideout gave good explanations and answers to the questions asked. He taught us how to look at problems in a different way and showed us other troubleshooting methods."
  • Darryl Silakiewicz, Keyera
    Wayne did a great job of keeping the course flowing and the class engaged.
  • Minyu Cai, Cummins
    Jim is experienced and explained the content well. He is also patient in answering questions.
  • Aaron Combs, Slave Lake Pulp
    “Lots of good information and practical experience from the instructor.”
  • Lora Cardinal, Syncrude Canada
    “Very good course overall. Everyone should take this in order to properly test and maintain our electrical equipment correctly which we aren’t.”
  • Mike Kortschaga, Modern Niagara
    "Course was well presented and very informative. It was very easy to learn the necessary information in the time frame of our course. The instructor was easy to understand and made the class enjoyable."
  • Jeff Mosdell, Air Liquide
    The instructor taught in a way that was easily understood and the course was very informative.
  • Stephen Young, Shell Canada
    "Joe Kiceniuk is very knowledgeable and very personable. He is a very good instructor."
  • Conway Rumbolt, Syncrude Canada
    “The knowledge I gathered from this course is very valuable and important to my daily tasks at work. Also, good knowledge to have for around home off the job. The instructor was very knowledgeable and able to communicate effectively with myself and others. Overall, awesome course to take, I would recommend...
  • Gary Grove, Westmoreland Coal
    “Informative, very good instructor, knowledgeable. Would recommend for anyone dealing with electricity in the work place.”
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