• Stephen Lucas, Syncrude Canada
    “Good course, it gave me a better understanding on how breakers work as well as how to properly maintain breakers. Good troubleshooting exercises.”
  • Brad Brenton, Suncor
    “The information and knowledge given to us during the hands on portion was the most value. Actually seeing it and touching it will stay with me whether I use it or not. The safety factor alone was very interesting to see and hear. The instructor knows his stuff, was very easy to talk to and wanted...
  • Lee Snider, Littelfuse Startco
    “Instructor was very good to deal with. He had a lot of personal experience with the material being taught and could share many stories about his time in the field. The course itself was well put together and nicely paced. A good mix of video and PowerPoint slides.”
  • Fabian Levesque, Syncrude Canada
    "Dave was very informative. He definitely knows his trade and has lots of experience and examples based on real life experiences."
  • Dean Burant, Ontario Power Generation
    "This course was very informative and interesting. Good information which is reinforced by the hands on practice provided."
  • David Brown, Barrick – Williams Operating Corporation
    “This course helps to improve troubleshooting skills by starting with the basics. Shows the importance of documentation for helping you and your coworkers. By planning your testing, you will be more efficient. Course was thorough and well instructed. The instructor made sure everyone was at the same...
  • Johnny Quayson, Syncrude
    “He was amazing from the beginning till the end for his in-depth knowledge of the course materials. He speaks in a tone that could be understood. If you call his attention on any topic, he spent time with you and made sure you got it. I loved the course.”
  • Jeff Henderson, Pengrowth Energy Corp.
    "This course was good and definitely changed my thought process. The hands on/practical portion I found to be the most effective. The computer programs were also very effective."
  • Jim Barazzuol, West Coast Reduction LTD
    "Informative instructor who would explain the material at any level needed to get his point across. Especially valuable was the content on arc flash surveys and proper grounding methods."
  • Kenneth Preston, Daishowa-Marubeni
    “Dave Neal did a great job; he knew his material and related it to scenarios that applied to our plant. Great job.”
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