Instructors - Canada Training Group
  • Don Zapski, City of Saskatoon
    "Although I have previously taken an Arc Flash course, I found that this was a really good refresher course for me. My awareness will now be heightened and this will make our workplace safer as we implement changes that I gained from this course."
  • Alain Charron, Syncrude
    "Good course, teaching the value of using proper testing to maintain and troubleshoot. Lots of information that many electricians don't know or have forgotten"
  • Keith Kryviak, CDN Controls Ltd
    “Excellent, informative, challenging, relative, and exceptional.”
  • Trevor Russell, Syncrude Canada
    “Very good course, the instructor was very knowledgeable of material and well spoken. I highly recommend this course.”
  • E Farquhar, J.B. Webb
    “I found the course to be informative and interesting to follow. I now see the importance of PPE for flash protection. Now we have to work on proper implementation.”
  • Leo Corston, Imperial Oil
    “I really enjoyed the detailed information the instructor had and his personal experience. His knowledge of lots of different equipment was key. Great course.”
  • Tyler Gregory, PTI Group
    "The course was informative and was delivered in an engaging manner. The information gained from the course can be directly applied to my work place and the maintenance that I perform."
  • Dave McIntyre, Ontario Power Generation
    "Excellent course and knowledgeable instructor. Relaxed learning pace with no limits on fault findings. The test equipment and labs were easily understood and were easy to operate. Documentation provided was clear and accurate. It changed my process for fault findings."
  • Jason Shaver, Denison Environmental Services
    “Blaine was knowledgeable and shared a lot of personal experiences which helped me understand real world situations.”
  • Bill Puttick, Kiewit Energy Canada Corp.
    “For myself not being in the electrical field, I found the course very interesting and informative. The instructor was very knowledgeable and presented a lot of material in a manner that I could understand. Excellent course, I would recommend it to others.”
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