Instructors - Canada Training Group
  • Ashvin Gajjar, Suncor
    "This is a very good course for all engineers, electricians, technologists and new hires."
  • Dennis Riesterer, Velco
    The props/test equipment makes it easier to understand and learn. Computer apps were an interesting challenge. Even with years of experience, it is helpful to see troubleshooting from another structured perspective.
  • Allan Brown, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
    "It was an eye opener to see what could really happen in arc flashes and the injuries they cause and the little bit of a flash to cause serious injury. The instructor, Ed Rideout was great and to the point."
  • Darryl Swain, Syncrude Canada
    “This was an excellent course, very interactive and informative. The instructors were great. I learnt how to be more aware around electrical equipment and not to assume systems not live. Encourages you to take your time and ensure you are switching out safely.”
  • Byron Olsen, Olsen Audio
    “The instructor has lots of experience and demonstrated the information very well. I will make use of the information presented. Great course.”
  • Lloyd Ayotte, Casino Windsor
    "Very informative and easy to follow, the course was put in laymen's terms and simplified for ease of understanding. The course was geared to the type of operation that I work in."
  • "Cam Simkins, L & M Wood Products
    "The duration of the whole course was very well organized. Terry Yonkheym spent the right amount of time at the right times. I feel a lot more comfortable with this topic now. Great Instructor.
  • Derek Deuling, LP Peace Valley OSB
    “I think that most of the materials presented were a great exercise in practicing trouble shooting skills.”
  • Darren Elliot, PTI Group
    "The course (AFHVS) was well presented as the teaching medium varied to maintain interest. He was always making time for feedback and inquiries which was terrific. I would surely take other courses taught by the instructor."
  • Vitaliy Molokopy, Canadian Coast Guard
    “There was a very good scope of material and an excellent trainer. My points of interest were: industrial standard for electrical equipment maintenance, the book describing all existing techniques for electrical equipment testing, very valuable, reading of TCC curves, design, construction and maintenance...
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