Instructors - Canada Training Group
  • Austin Franklin, CF Industries
    “I found a number of areas which we could improve safety at our facility. The instructor is knowledgeable, interesting to listen to, and related the material in an easy to understand manner.”
  • Chris Wilkinson, TransAlta
    “The course had a great detail and brought much more detail than I once knew. Dave did an excellent job bringing important information to us that we will encounter at some point on this job site. Overall, both the course and Dave did A+ job. Thanks.”
  • Maxine Firmston, TransAlta
    "Lots of material, well written and was communicated with clarity."
  • Tom McKay, EPTCON Ltd.
    “The instructor was knowledgeable; course flow was good and a mix of practical experience and information.”
  • Franz Brathwaite, Caribbean Utility Company
    “This course enlightens you to the many dangers while operating DAS Switches, voltage regulators and switch gears. It also shows the proper way of conducting a switching order.”
  • Michael Kaluzny, Pretivm
    Very informative and beneficial in the one on one format, very much appreciated.
  • Kevin Thomas, Department of National Defence, RPOPS Division, Pacific Division
    “Course was well taught. Very valuable as a reminder for shock hazards and safety.”
  • Ryan Hanrahan, ICS State
    "I feel this course was very important and informative to be aware of the serious dangers of arc flash potential. And the steps we need to take to avoid or minimize the dangers and injuries."
  • Wade Pickrem, Black & McDonald Limited
    “I really enjoyed this course. I found it very informative and learnt a lot. Ross Dion was great and presented things in a way that was easy to understand. I would highly recommend this course to others.”
  • Mark Painter, Department of National Defence
    “This course was very informative and helpful to program and troubleshoot VFD’s and motors. The instructor was very knowledgeable and easy to learn from. It was nice to have multiple brands and sizes of VFD’s to learn about.”
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