Instructors - Canada Training Group
  • Craig R Balfour, Brandt
    "I would recommend this course to anyone interested because you should have an understanding of troubleshooting in this line of work. The instructor was very good, gave detailed explanations and was always willing to help."
  • Rodney Earle, Syncrude Canada
    “Excellent course. I recommend to all team leaders. Well informed and knowledgeable instructor. Material is well thought out.”
  • Roch Lavergne, Norbord
    “Very fun course with a wide variety of equipment. Good practice for troubleshooting, unfamiliar equipment also good practice for using your logic for solving unknown electrical problems. The instructor was very helpful and made the course very interesting.” Roch Lavergne, Norbord
  • Mike Townsend, Town of Ajax
    “This was an excellent course with good instruction. I’m a journeyman electrician for 35 years. I learnt a lot of information today. Thank you.”
  • Pete Brailsford, Panolam Surface Systems
    “Dave Neal is very thorough and knowledgeable.”
  • Craig Knee, Electrical Maintenance, Newfoundland Power
    “ Very effective and efficient way of how to solve a problem…from start to finish”
  • Mike Kortschaga, Modern Niagara
    "Course was well presented and very informative. It was very easy to learn the necessary information in the time frame of our course. The instructor was easy to understand and made the class enjoyable."
  • Blaine Romanovich, Imperial Oil
    I found that the course was good and it made me think about narrowing down the problem and planning it out before starting my troubleshooting. I liked the fact it was a small class ad it was easier to get help if you needed it.
  • Gary Honch, PTI Group
    "Concepts were explained in a clear, understanding manner. The instructor, Dave Neal used life experiences to illustrate or focus on a topic which made it interesting. The course is good."
  • Jason Weiler, Regal Beloit Canada
    A real course, very interesting and helpful. I would definitely recommend it.
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