Instructors - Canada Training Group
  • Dane Philips, Corner Brook Pulp and Paper
    "Switching high voltage equipment will be taken with more respect. This will help keep my employees and I safe. All proper PPE included for properly switching high voltage."
  • Taylor Hunt, Grain Millers Canada
    “The instructor was excellent at both presently information and entertaining. The course felt complete, and well-made.”
  • David Payjack, Ridley Terminals Inc.
    “I found Terry to be an excellent instructor with a vast about of knowledge and experience. I would like to see a version of this course offered to our fellow trades and also the managers so that they have an idea of the dangers we face on a regular basis.”
  • Kent Strong, Syncrude Canada
    “Fred was very informative. He gave good direction and let us work at resolving issues with patience.”
  • Rob Shaw, Panolam Industries
    “Instructor was very engaging and energetic, and made the course quite enjoyable. Course was very thorough.”
  • Adam Lord, Syncrude
    “Friendly, knowledgeable and no BS. Having been in the industry since before the dinosaurs were turned to oil, it makes a big difference learning from someone who has been around and didn’t just learn it from a book. Course is invaluable, 3rd time taking it and learnt tons new every single time.”
  • Travis Cluett, Syncrude Canada
    “The instructor was knowledgeable and brought the content of the course out in a very understanding way. I believe this will help anyone who doesn’t have an electrical background.”
  • Stephen Woods, PCL Energy
    “This course should be mandatory for all electricians. It is an eye opener as well as a refresher for information forgotten.”
  • Dean Burant, Ontario Power Generation
    "This course was very informative and interesting. Good information which is reinforced by the hands on practice provided."
  • E Farquhar, J.B. Webb
    “I found the course to be informative and interesting to follow. I now see the importance of PPE for flash protection. Now we have to work on proper implementation.”
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