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  • Jamie Clement, Tundra Process Solutions
    “The instructor was great, very informative and thorough. I appreciate the information. The course material is great and I recommend myself and co-workers repeat this course yearly.”
  • Tristan R, LP Peace Valley OSB
    “The course was useful in the sense that it teaches the importance of finding your starting point and staying calm while troubleshooting. The course would be best suited for apprentices, journeymen with little or no troubleshooting experience. There are lessons to be taken from it and about the mental...
  • Steve Buckley, Suncor
    "I found the Breaker Troubleshooting portion to be very good. The best part for me about the course was being able to play with/experiment with breakers. The information will come in useful down the road to identify issues quicker."
  • Dennis Verceles, Syncrude Canada
    “The instructor was extremely good at explaining the course content of the subject. Time was utilized very well. Course was well-organized and the video presentation was very knowledgeable and helpful. Good course. Well done Ed!”
  • Nathan T., Syncrude
    Frank was a great instructor. Very personable and informative. Enjoyed answering our questions and did well presenting the material.
  • Georges Elias, Syncrude
    "The most valuable information that I got from this course was lots of knowledge and preventative maintenance. I got to use a new tester that I have never used before, general troubleshooting and it was also a good refresher course."
  • Brian Weir, Suncor
    "Great instruction, I learnt a lot of troubleshooting skills. It was a very informative course!!"
  • Jordan Martin, Highway Technology
    “If any work in a possible electrical environment needs to be done, you should be in this course. Even if you aren’t doing the work you should know the hazards of even being in the vicinity because you can/will be affected. I had no idea the possibilities of Arc Flashes even with Low Voltage.”
  • Michael Irving, Maintenance Electrician, Shell Canada
    “ How to analyze, document and test efficiently... this course is for anyone who works on electrical systems.”
  • Rae Brandon, St. Mary's Cement
    "Bob is quite knowledgeable. I found this course to have good instruction from theory and practical experiences."
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