Instructors - Canada Training Group
  • Kris Samociuk, City of Ottawa
    “I would recommend this course to my co-workers. I learnt how to document everything and how to approach and solve problems in a different way.”
  • Brian Hawco, NL Hydro
    "This course was very well put together and I learnt some very interesting things about arc fault and the required PPE needed to work on different voltages."
  • Darrel Holland, Quesnel Plywood
    “Dave Neal was a very knowledgeable instructor; his years of experience and personal experience provided a credible instructor. He was very approachable and willing to share his wealth of knowledge.”
  • Chris Bodnariuk, Tembec Industries
    "I have gained the confidence in analyzing and learning how to find a problem, by not getting my mind stuck in one spot. Just that alone has already made me better at my trade. The amount I have learned during this course would have satisfied me by the end of the second day. So, having a full five days...
  • Quentcy Fleck, Ace Instruments Ltd.
    "It was informative and I learned lots that I had not got from my years in the field and know that it can be used in lower voltages also to be safer. The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept it interesting as was not dry giving the info to us."
  • Andrew MacGillivray, Syncrude Canada
    “Fred was able to inform us of what tests to perform and the dangers and why we are performing. He shared a lot of great tips/advice and he had a great ability to convey his knowledge.”
  • Daryl Hudak, Birchcliff Energy
    "This course was great. The instructor was very knowledgeable with "real life" examples. The visual material and candid discussions brought out issues that may have been typically stifled.
  • Jeremy Burchart, Syncrude Canada
    “Instructor was very knowledgeable on electrical. With all his testing and equipment he helped me to understand. I feel more confident on testing.”
  • George Fischer, TransGas
    “Wish I had been given the opportunity to take this training years back. Learning in the classroom, rather than learning in the field, costs the company less down time. This easily pays for the training. Thanks for letting me attend. I will be promoting this to have our 9 control techs take the training.”
  • Will J, Ainsworth
    "Good instruction Dave. Candid conversations kept the day awake and interesting. Touching on more than just arc flash but electrical safety."
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