Instructors - Canada Training Group
  • Brent Green, Newfoundland Power
    “The instructor Ed Rideout, presented the course content in a clear efficient manner. New troubleshooting techniques were well presented and received. By the end of the course I had noticed overall improvement in circuit troubleshooting ability.”
  • Adam Matheson, Pembina Pipelines
    "Ross Dion was well spoken and knowledgeable with real life experience."
  • Kristen Woitas, Apperley Electric
    “Very good course to keep me informed of proper ways to work in the electrical field.” Kristen Woitas, Apperley Electric
  • Dwayne Lafayette, Mosaic Potash
    “The instructor was very funny. He was always there when you needed help and shared a lot of life story experiences. He related a lot of safety concerns and how to go about it. He talked about what is in our control and what isn't.”
  • Troy Gold, Co-Op Refinery Complex
    “Introduction was good, well-paced and concise. This course had the perfect proportion of lecture vs hands on. It had a good variety of troubleshooting diagnostic boards/software, an excellent course for apprentices.”
  • Joseph Reyes, Mosaic Potash
    “Lots of new techniques/information to learn from the span of 4 to 5 days. The instructor gave good guidance, answered questions effectively and gave good examples; encourages discussion which is good. Materials are excellent and lots of discussion regarding our equipment. The course gives guidance...
  • Rogelio Caldoza, Littlefuse Startco
    “Well versed with the subject matter. Every subject is well explained, and elaborated. Willing to accept questions and explanations were simple and understandable.”
  • Eugene Comeau, David Bell Mine
    "This is the first time I have been trained in a step by step approach to troubleshooting. I feel, this will make future troubleshooting and breakdown issues in the future a lot safer and problem solving a lot easier. Increased production, increased safety means...WIN, WIN!!"
  • Dan Plant, Lowe, Gravelle and Associates
    “Hands on, practical exercises, very valuable, gives a good understanding of the standard.”
  • Anthony Backs, TransCanada Energy Ltd.
    "This was a good course, it makes a person think about the dangers involved with electricity in the workplace and at home. It gives a good understanding of the safe work practices necessary and precautions to adhere to. The instructor, Terry Yonkheym did a good job."
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