• Bryan, Grain Millers Canada
    “Great course for all personnel. An eye-opener.”
  • David Brown, Barrick – Williams Operating Corporation
    “This course helps to improve troubleshooting skills by starting with the basics. Shows the importance of documentation for helping you and your coworkers. By planning your testing, you will be more efficient. Course was thorough and well instructed. The instructor made sure everyone was at the same...
  • Erik Mikkelsen, Pretium Resources
    "Very well spoken and thorough with critical information. Exhibited excellent knowledge and patience. I'm extremely excited to gain knowledge that I can start to use immediately. The slide to brochure information followed a proper organized system. Thank you very much."
  • Michael Bennett, Essroc Cement Canada
    “I found the instructor, Dave Neal to be very well prepared and executed his presentation very professionally. This course is an absolute must for all in the profession.”
  • Robert Llewellyn, Highliner Food Inc.
    “It was very knowledgeable. It made me aware of many things I never thought about before.”
  • Harrison Shin, Diamond Petrochemical
    Peter was enthusiastic and passionate about the topics he discussed. He provided great insight and was able to answer any questions the group had.
  • Dave Smale, Agrium
    The course was very informative and taught us a good way on how to troubleshoot. The teacher, Terry Yonkheym was good at getting his points across and always had time for each person.
  • David Wilson, Canadian Coast Guard
    "Instructors knowledge and experience was excellent. From the information provided it became clear that we should not be working on the 40 year old switchgear, this should be left to the electrical specialists rather than the electronic specialists. We did routine charging of the switchgear as a convenience...
  • Ketankumar Patel, Suncor
    "This course was well defined and organized in material and knowledge. The instructor was well prepared, organized and knowledgeable. The course was more hands on than theoretical which made it very interesting. In this training course we encountered real problems and troubleshooting situations that...
  • Doug Kinsey, Louisiana Pacific
    “Very informative and eye opening to the dangers involved in electrical arc flash potential.”
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