• Amanda Cardina, Syncrude Canada
    This is a great course! Lots of relevant information and some that may be useful in the future. Fred is a great instructor that knows his stuff. It was a great 5 day course!
  • Luke Stang, Imperial Oil Resources
    “I got exactly what I was looking for from this course in regards to understanding safety and PPE needed for protection.”
  • Mike Sliva, Agrium
    I think the course was useful because it taught me how to plan my troubleshooting. It was a lot of hands on tasks which was good. It gave me a lot of testing experience and the ability to experiment, going about problems in a different way. The instructor, Terry Yonkheym was knowledgeable and kept the...
  • Greg Beyers, Electrician, PCS Potash 02/09
    Lots of hands on information
  • Dustin Yarosh, Imperial Oil
    Although I experience many similar troubleshooting scenarios at work, this course helps develop the proper way. Planning, diagrams and a proper course of action that could help me be more effective in the field. I found the last few days interesting as well as being related to electronic systems, some...
  • Maurice Waitson, Syncrude Canada
    “I found Ross knowledgeable, and able to keep the class on track, but also to entertain without veering off topic.”
  • Andrew Sheaves, Suncor
    "I think this was a great course. I haven't done a lot of troubleshooting up to this point but certainly feel better prepared to do so now. Joe Kiceniuk is a great instructor and he is very knowledgeable."
  • Don Lewchuk, Nov Brandt
    "This was a great course. I learned a lot that I will be able to use out in the field. Also, I got a wake up call to power and what it really can do. I will be using my new rubber gloves and leather gloves when testing."
  • Babar Kahn, Pic Mobert Hydro Inc
    “Great and engaging presenter. Knowledgeable and good humor. Very good presentation.”
  • Devin Brough, Newalta
    “I got to learn new hazards and dangers involved with my job, that I wasn’t aware of prior.”
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