44 years as an Industrial Maintenance Electrician in the U.K. And Canada

Experience in the engineering and manufacturing industries maintaining a wide variety of electrical equipment

Worked primarily in the Potash mining industry in Saskatchewan (32 years)

At Potash held various roles, worked underground maintaining Electrical systems and equipment.

Mill maintenance Electrician working on high, medium and low voltage switchgear and motor controls, VFD’s, PLC’s and all other electrical systems

Moved into a Planning position, job entailed planning and kitting work orders using a CMMS for Electrical and Instrumentation Crews, developing PM and maintenance plans for the Mill Electrical Systems.

In this role I was also the Radiation Safety Officer for the Site. Role involved maintenance and security of over 70 small nuclear sources at the mine site.

For the last 11 years before retirement I was the Electrical and Instrumentation Supervisors as per the , leading a crew of 17. In this role I was a key player in implementing a Electrical Safety Program for the Mill Maintenance teams. I have extensive training and experience on Leadership and Safety practises.


  • Lucas Grimaldi, Vari-Form Manufacturing
    The instructor was great. Paul was well spoken, carefully and thoughtfully went through each slide and seemed to be passionate about what he was teaching.
  • Spring Wiebe, Imperial Metals
    Paul was a well-spoken instructor who also took the time to explain everything in great detail, as the class participants weren't electricians.
  • Andrew Cliff, West Fraser
    Paul was a good instructor who was informative and understanding. I highly recommend him
  • Brandon Kyle Wijma, Mueller Electric Div II LTD
    Paul did an amazing job. On behalf of Mueller Electric, I would like to thank him for answering all our questions and having the knowledge to teach all of us in a professional manner.
  • Stefan Hayden, Canadian Coast Guard
    Paul communicated the information effectively. He didn't just read directly from the slides and kept the class engaged.
  • Steven Plett, 3M Canada
    Paul was knowledgeable in electrical safety and brought some real-world experience to the course
  • Jaime Cameron, Mt. Polley
    Paul Sherwood was very knowledgeable about the topic of the course. He adjusted the course to make it more relevant to our group of mine rescue personal who are not electricians but may run into these situations when responding to emergency call outs. He was able to answer all of our questions very quickly...
  • Clint Olsen, Pattern Energy
    Paul was very knowledgeable, with plenty of real-life examples to add to the course.
  • Andrea Sargent, Mount Milligan, Centerra Gold
    Paul was helpful and took the time to make sure we understood everything.
  • Jason Cox, Newmont
    I liked Paul's real world approach and the speed at which he spoke, easy to absorb.
  • Colton Roberts, Stockdale's Electric
    Paul was very knowledgeable with experience and stories to back up what he said and what was in the slides.