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This course is currently available in Teleconferenced Training format. Book today, and 15% of your registration fee will be donated to a charity fighting against COVID-19 in the province where the course is being offered. If you would the 15% of your course to be donated to a specific charity, please ensure the charity is listed on Canada Helps and just let our sales team know. Courses will run from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM in the timezone of the province.

It has been over a decade since organizations have been required to implement the arc flash and electrical safety standards of CSA Z462 and NFPA 70E. Both electrical safety standards require refresher training once every three years due to the extreme danger and hazards involved with electrical work. In this time, most electrical workers have had multiple sessions of training, usually classroom with no hands-on.

To provide a much more interesting and practical refresher, Canada Training Group has created a one-day Arc Flash – High Voltage Safety Refresher Certification course that is 100% hands-on with all instruction taught in one of our unique mobile electrical training labs.

Next Arc Flash High Voltage Safety Refresher Certification Courses
April 8 – 8, 2020 Teleconference Eastern Daylight Savings Time, ON OR20225 $750.00 + Tax Per Attendee Register
April 9 – 9, 2020 Teleconference Pacific Daylight Savings Time , BC OR20227 $750.00 + Tax Per Attendee Register
April 22 – 22, 2020 Teleconference Atlantic Daylight Savings Time, NS OR20226 $750.00 + Tax Per Attendee Register
April 23 – 23, 2020 Teleconference Pacific Daylight Savings Time , BC OR20228 $750.00 + Tax Per Attendee Register
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Next Arc Flash High Voltage Safety Refresher Certification Courses

Date City & prov Venue Code
April 8 – 8, 2020 Teleconference Eastern Daylight Savings Time, ON teleconference OR20225 Register
April 9 – 9, 2020 Teleconference Pacific Daylight Savings Time , BC teleconference OR20227 Register
April 22 – 22, 2020 Teleconference Atlantic Daylight Savings Time, NS teleconference OR20226 Register
April 23 – 23, 2020 Teleconference Pacific Daylight Savings Time , BC teleconference OR20228 Register
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  • Peter Waugh

    Years of Experience

    Peter Waugh brings 39 years of experience in fields of maintenance and human resources management. Peter graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick. He started his career with Westinghouse Industrial Field Service servicing power distribution equipment. He then moved to the Pulp & Paper industry where he worked for three companies over the next 30 years working in...

    • Greg Hogg, Pretium Resources
      "These 2 days of training have been by far the best training sessions I have been apart of. Peter did a great job of delivering information and aiming it to our needs here with Pretium. Thank you Peter."
    • Darren Storm, Pretium Resources
      "The course was very informative and it has opened our eyes to the potential hazards we work with on a day to day basis. Peter was a extremely knowledgeable."
    • Erik Mikkelsen, Pretium Resources
      "Peter was very well spoken and thorough with critical information. He exhibited excellent knowledge and patience. Im extremely excited to gain knowledge that I can start to use immediately. The brochure information followed a proper, organized system. Thank you very much."
    See Peter Waugh CV
  • Dave Neal

    Years of Experience

    With 33 years of on the job experience at Hydro One, doing consulting work for McGregor Allsop, Trow Engineering Consultants and Dillion and Associates, Dave has acquired extensive knowledge of electrical equipment, installations and legislative requirements. While with Hydro One, Dave was involved with many projects including: - Held the lead role in the implementation of the new Training Development...

    • John Cyr, Brookfield Renewable
      “The instructor, Dave Neal presented using great knowledge and personal experience. Dave was engaging and invited participation from the course participants. Thanks Dave for an interesting 2 days.”
    • Clayton Kalbfleisch, TransAlta
      “Dave Neal is a fantastic teacher and he brought personal experiences with him, which proves it could happen to you. He was punctual, polite, and professional. The best was, he was able and willing to share his fortunate and not so fortunate experiences. Great job.”
    • Craig Jeanveau, York Energy Centre
      “Dave was professional, knowledgeable and kept us engaged. Great course content and videos. Breaks were perfectly scheduled and the hands-on training was valuable because Dave's experience.”
    See Dave Neal CV
  • Edward Rideout

    Years of Experience

    Ed Rideout has been involved with the electrical field in many ways for nearly 35 years. His electrical experience started when he was just out of vocational school and was hired as the sole electrician at a local fish plant in charge of six fishing trawlers, a power house and a fish plant facility. In 1975 Ed went on to work with Nova Scotia Power, first as an apprentice electrician in a generating...

    • Dennis Verceles, Syncrude Canada
      “The instructor was extremely good at explaining the course content of the subject. Time was utilized very well. Course was well-organized and the video presentation was very knowledgeable and helpful. Good course. Well done Ed!”
    • Paul Berriault, Mosaic Potash
      “Ed was very knowledgeable and easy to approach. Kept the course interesting, keep up the good work. Ed needs a raise.”
    • Philip Newman, Syncrude Canada
      “Ed was very knowledgeable in electrical. He was well spoken, friendly and enjoyable. The power point was good. I would be interested in more courses with Mr. Rideout.”
    See Edward Rideout CV
  • Jim Roberts

    Years of Experience

    Jim Roberts brings over 34 years of experience in the electrical field. A graduate from the Georgian College Electrical Engineering program, he started his career at Toronto Hydro Electrical Systems as a High Voltage Underground Cable Fault Technician then proceeded to Toronto Transit Commission where he obtained his red seal 309A electrical license and became a Maintenance/Construction Electrician...

    • Mike Klamann, Toronto Transit Commission
      “I felt like I knew the instructor, Jim Roberts; he was really friendly.”
    • Conrad Castillo, Littelfuse Startco
      The instructor; Jim Roberts did very well. He was very thorough and entertaining in the course. Jim was also able to keep my attention and kept me engaged in this course. Thanks Jim!”
    • Shaun Filson, SaskPower
      “Jim presented the material in an easy-to-follow manner. Course content was informative and will be very useful in the place where I work. Overall, definitely worth taking.”
    See Jim Roberts CV
  • Fred Tanguay

    Years of Experience

    With 30+ years of knowledge and experience gained from working in a variety of areas including power apparatus maintenance and commissioning, power engineering and design as well as training seminars for industrial and utility clients, Fred has a lot to offer students. In addition to an in-depth background in these areas, Fred also has qualifications in the following: - Occupational Health & Safety...

    • Kent Strong, Syncrude Canada
      “Fred was very informative. He gave good direction and let us work at resolving issues with patience.”
    • Colin Pevie, Syncrude Canada
      “Fred is awesome, good natured and very knowledgeable.”
    • Matt Wetzel, City of Ottawa
      “Fred the instructor knows his stuff inside and out. Excellent teacher and his patience is high. The course was very relevant to our plant and we will now apply several items to our procedures. I would recommend this course for others for sure. The training trailer was very impressive.”
    See Fred Tanguay CV
  • Terry Yonkheym

    Years of Experience

    Terry Yonkheym brings over 28 years experience in training and practical electrical maintenance to Canada Training Group's electrical, safety and high voltage programs. Terry's extensive service record for Ontario Hydro began as a Power Maintenance Electrician Apprentice, progressing through attaining the Inter-Provincial Construction and Maintenance Electrician's license, Journeyperson status and...


    • Steven Crane, Substation Electrician, Newfoundland Power
      "Very informative about troubleshooting, I learned a great deal from him"
    • Krystal Swimmer, Shell
      “Terry was straight to the point. I found her course difficult, but that's why I'm here. My coworkers recommended the course to me and I will also recommend it to others. I think Terry has tons of knowledge and I'm glad I had the opportunity to learn some tips from him. Thank you, Terry.”
    • Chris Fiddler, Shell
      “Terry was very effective with the method of teaching. He would help me focus without giving me any of the answers, which helped me feel successful when I completed a challenge. The course gave me many tools and a system for trouble shooting. I think this was a perfect time in my career for this training...
    See Terry Yonkheym CV

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