Course Overview

No matter how important a training session is, if its messages are inadvertently transmitted, chances are the entire process will fail. We appreciate the value of honest feedback and encourage you to request as much information as you need in order to make sure the training you choose is the right one for you. Our sales managers are ready to answer any question you may have on our courses schedule or structure. 

The trainings we provide are segmented into two categories: in-house and open registration. If you're looking to train only a few individuals, we highly recommend our Open Registration Courses. These training sessions are scheduled months in advance so that you may have all the necessary time to arrange your in-house logistics. In case our Scheduling dept. missed a specific location and you want your people to be trained, please let us know and we’ll try to identify the most feasible option.

However, if you're looking to train more than six individuals than our Onsite Courses may be just what you're looking for as they can be customized and focused specifically on the needs of your company. Many of our courses have lots of hands-on exercises. Turning theory into practice, in a controlled medium, is the best solution we have for both - students - who will learn without endangering their lives - and companies - as they will avoid financial losses. 

For any questions related to training structure, you can contact:

Tanya Whiffen at

Levis Beaudoin at

Or you can chat live with us during business hours by clicking on the chat window on the bottom of your screen. 

For any unmentioned training location please talk to:

David Munroe at

Other than this, we hope you’ll enjoy cruising through our new website and find it provides relevant information.