Dave began his career in commercial high rises in Calgary. He then spent time working industrial oilfield maintenance electrical in Alberta followed by General Motors in Oshawa Ontario, Koch fertilizer and Husky Oil in Manitoba, Baffin Island at an iron ore mine and commissioning in the Alberta oildsands sector.
Dave is also an avid whitewater rafting professional, and has served as a guide in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest territories, Yukon, Africa and North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia in the United States.


  • Zach Berthier, Global Container Terminals
    Dave was very clear with instructions and helpful with problem-solving and fault finding.
  • Ravi Ludu, Global Container Terminals
    Dave is a very good teacher, making sure everyone understands the info in the course. 2 Thumbs Up!
  • Gerry Bell, Cummins
    Dave was engaging and kept everyone focused. Enough personal, relevant examples were applied to the materials.
  • Darrin Grone, Global Container Group
    Dave is very knowledgeable in the electrical department. His experience with GM has helped bridge the mechanical side.
  • Amendeep Rana, Global Container Group
    Dave was a great teacher. He had great communication with students and listened very well to what we had to say. He answered any questions we had. Very organized 10 out of 10, I definitely recommend him.
  • Ryan Taylor, Global Container Group
    I found Dave very calm, professional, and patient.