Daniel Chartier travaille comme ingénieur électrique depuis près de 30 ans, et est spécialisé en automatisation et contrôles. Il a travaillé dans des fonderies d'aluminium et les mines, dans l'emballage, les stations de pompage et dans la construction d'usines thermiques (District Cooling) au cours des ans. Il a été responsable du développement de formations de sécurité dans plusieurs projets d'usine et chargé de formations techniques en électricité et en automatisation auprès de nombreux clients industriels.

Daniel Chartier has worked as an electrical engineer for almost 30 years and is specialized in automation and controls. He has worked in aluminium smelters and mines, in packaging, in pumping stations and in construction of thermal stations over the years. He has been responsible for implementing safety training in many plant construction and commissioning projects, and has been in charge of technical training in the electrical and automation fields over many years.


  • Cameron Dennis, Capital Power Corperation
    Daniel was an excellent instructor and knew what things to go into more detail about.
  • Billy Grigo, NorSask Forest Products
    Daniel was a good instructor. I found his anecdotes helpful in understanding the significance of the dangers of arc flash.
  • Quintin Fast, Total Power
    Daniel kept the course interesting and did a lot of extra work to make it relatable to our specific field.
  • Steve Carnevale, University of Toronto
    Daniel was very informative as well as keeping the guys engaged in conversations regarding real-life scenarios
  • Sharmil Joseph, Madsen Diesel and Turbine
    Daniel has a deep knowledge on what he is teaching. He is very kind and has immense patience. He didn't make the course boring.
  • Gene Wallis, Enbridge
    Daniel was great, very informative, and I appreciated all the real-world applications he took us through.
  • Luke Gledhill, Porocel of Canada
    Daniel adequately covers the material and does so in an engaging manner.
  • Jean-Marc Dallaire, Broder Electric
    Daniel was very thorough with the course material. He was also good about answering questions during the course.
  • Simon-Paul Comeau, Graves Electrical
    Daniel is full of knowledge and I felt like he really cares about our safety.