Peter Waugh brings 44 years of experience in fields of maintenance and human resources management. Peter graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick. He started his career with Westinghouse Industrial Field Service servicing power distribution equipment. He then moved to the Pulp & Paper industry where he worked for three companies over the next 30 years working in both Maintenance Management and Human Resources. Peter participated on the senior leadership teams at the managerial level for Stora Enso, NewPage and Corner Brook Pulp & Paper.


  • Jarod Hubert, Mount Milligan
    Peter did a great job teaching this course. He was very clear and thorough in explaining everything.
  • Amanda Sica, Camcor Environmental
    Peter was very clear and easy to understand with basic electrical training. I thought the way he taught the safety aspect was very effective.
  • Alex McKay, Department of National Defense
    Peter was a great instructor who was very attentive to detail and was thoroughly prepared to teach this course.
  • Sean McLennan, Pretium Resources
    "The course was very detailed. The instructor, Peter uses real life stories to get the information across. Clear and able to relate to scenarios at work."
  • Darren Storm, Pretium Resources
    "The course was very informative and it has opened our eyes to the potential hazards we work with on a day to day basis. Peter was a extremely knowledgeable."
  • Harrison Shin, Diamond Petrochemical
    Peter was enthusiastic and passionate about the topics he discussed. He provided great insight and was able to answer any questions the group had.
  • Chris Fox, Invista Canada
    Peter spoke very clearly and was very organized. He was able to answer my questions with great detail and was easy to understand.
  • Kall Cloarec, Centerra Gold
    Peter is very good at what he does. It is great to have someone teaching that knows what he is talking about.
  • Wes Palmer, Pretium Resources
    "Peter was very knowledgeable and explained things with precision and confidence."
  • Tim Craigen, Invista Canada
    Peter is a very knowledgeable instructor with valuable life experience to draw on for valid examples. Engaging and personable.
  • Greg Hogg, Pretium Resources
    "These 2 days of training have been by far the best training sessions I have been apart of. Peter did a great job of delivering information and aiming it to our needs here with Pretium. Thank you Peter."
  • Zack Dawson, Camcor Environmental
    Peter was very knowledgeable and able to answer any questions/elaborate on specific parts/topics. His previous experience working in the electrical field allows him to use his practical knowledge to make the information easier to understand.
  • Wes Palmer, Pretium Resources
    "Peter was very informative and eager to help with any questions we had."
  • Erik Mikkelsen, Pretium Resources
    "Peter was very well spoken and thorough with critical information. He exhibited excellent knowledge and patience. Im extremely excited to gain knowledge that I can start to use immediately. The brochure information followed a proper, organized system. Thank you very much."
  • Caeden Watkins, BC Transit
    Peter was a very knowledgeable instructor with lots of real world examples and lots of relevant industry information.