Started in the Electrical trade working in construction at a potash mine West of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. From there he has worked in most aspects of the electrical trade. Having worked in construction, commissioning and maintenance aspects in the trade.

Norm has worked in the commercial industrial and mining industries.

He also operated his own electrical company for a number of years.

Throughout he has worked in a number of hard rock mining operations in uranium, gold, and diamonds. In that time he has gained a strong knowledge high medium and low voltage switchgear, power generation, and distribution protection and controls.


  • Robert Mitchell, Inter Pipeline
    Norm was excellent. He taught well and has great experience with this training. He answered all my questions and was able to help with my lab related issues.
  • Darren Peddle, Inter Pipeline
    Norm gave an excellent presentation of the material. Lots of experience in the electrical trade made the course flow smoothly.
  • Colin Coad, CBO
    Norm was well prepared and demonstrated firsthand knowledge of the course material. He used the time efficiently, and he gave adequate breaks.
  • Doug Power, ChampionX
    Norm was personable and relatable to real life scenarios. He was patient and helpful to those who had struggle and helped along the way to keep everyone up to par.
  • Nathan Janz, Inter Pipeline Ltd
    Norm was very knowledgeable. He would throw in an example or have a story about a job he had done, which had helped me understand the material we were going through.
  • Brian Heaton, CDN Controls
    Norm is a very good instructor, well-educated, and has experience to learn from.
  • Dean Thomas, Inter Pipeline Ltd.
    Norm was knowledgeable. He had stories and experiences that relate to the course.
  • Brad Schaitel, CBO
    Norm is knowledgeable about CSA standards and examples of electrical safety and previous problems.