Jim Roberts brings over 43 years of experience in the electrical field. A graduate from the Georgian College Electrical Engineering program, he started his career at Toronto Hydro Electrical Systems as a High Voltage Underground Cable Fault Technician then proceeded to Toronto Transit Commission where he obtained his red seal 309A electrical license and became a Maintenance/Construction Electrician responsible for over 67km of subway system and all facilities on a 24/7 electrical emergency response team.

Since 2000, he supervised over 95 maintenance electricians, coordinated major shutdowns to facilities for bi-annual electrical maintenance, assisted electricians on major faults in high and low voltage equipment.

Outside of work, he volunteered as a fire fighter with a local fire department. When he left the department after 20 years, he held the role of Senior Captain and was in charge of day to day operations including organizing firefighter certification training. He spent the past 9 years teaching an in-house 4 year maintenance and construction training program for over 55 electrical apprentices, at the same time responsible for keeping 140 electrical employees updated in new technology, high voltage switching, safety requirements and maintenance procedures.

Jim as expertise in electrical troubleshooting techniques, print reading, lockout tag out, work protection code, HV Switching and the Canadian Electrical Code.

Jim is well versed in low voltage troubleshooting, AD/DC systems, electrical schematic reading, High Voltage Work Protection Code, Canadian Electrical Safety Code, Certified Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Member, Ontario Fire Marshall certified facilitator and a Master electrician.


  • Kevin Aikenhead, Pattern Energy
    Jim did a great job with the material. He was very knowledgeable and used real-life examples that are always helpful!
  • Colin Aucoin, Blu Earth Renewables
    Jim is a fantastic instructor. He is very knowledgeable and provides practical examples that make the material easier to understand
  • Luigi Marchesi, Toronto Transit Commission
    “Great job, Jim goes through material in a clear understanding way. Jim was very thorough with both arc flash and high voltage material.”
  • Mike Tomassetti, Toronto Transit Commission
    “Jim is great at his job and has taught me a lot of information on high voltage safety.”
  • Brian Fluter, Pinnacle Renewable Energy
    Jim presented the course in a very professional manner. His field knowledge was very beneficial in the presentation.
  • Andreas Frangias, Toronto Transit Commission
    “Jim was excellent and provided clear and concise information. He also used multiple ways to convey all the training in a way that kept it interesting.”
  • Jason Manning, Enbridge Pipelines Inc.
    Jim was knowledgeable and delivered the content in an easy to follow format.
  • Richards Rogers, Daam Galvanizing
    "Jim was a very good teacher, super knowledgeable and patient. He did not cut corners and took the time to make sure everyone was 100% on topic."
  • Terry Simpson, Department of National Defence, RPOPS Electrician
    “Jim Roberts is a knowledgeable instructor in this area of the trade. His course is a definite requirement.”
  • Chue Yee Vang, Cummins
    This instructor has a lot of credentials and is very knowledgeable in various types of electrical components. He was able to apply to work-related experiences for us to get a better understanding.
  • Greg Lyon, Newalta
    “Jim was extremely knowledgeable and kept the material interesting. He was extremely in depth and very helpful.”
  • Minyu Cai, Cummins
    Jim is experienced and explained the content well. He is also patient in answering questions.
  • Conrad Castillo, Littelfuse Startco
    The instructor; Jim Roberts did very well. He was very thorough and entertaining in the course. Jim was also able to keep my attention and kept me engaged in this course. Thanks Jim!”
  • Kaila Stepanic, Pembina Pipelines
    “I found the instructor, Jim Roberts to be very knowledgeable and professional in his delivery of the course. The course was well organized and very informative.”
  • Maxym Petryshyn, University of Toronto
    Jim is a great teacher. He kept me engaged, took time to explain things properly, and went into more detail when asked. Friendly and approachable.