Ross’ background as a supervisor responsible for the safety of maintenance teams under his watch at Ontario Hydro and his vigilant efforts to ensure that safety protocol was the number one priority, especially qualify him as an expert on the subject of electrical safety in the workplace. Both in the realms of Low and High Voltage. Ross has had considerable experience and influence in the last 5 years teaching Canadian companies and workers practical and effective hazard mitigation methods in regards to Arc Flash Hazards and how to apply and interpret the NFPA70E, bill C-45 and the impending CSA standard Z462. Multi-disciplined with 25 years experience in the Power Electrical Field and more than 15 years of supervisory responsibility in both Transmission and Generating Stations with Ontario Hydro, on systems from medium voltage to as high as 345 kV. Ross brings with him a tremendous practical knowledge born from experience.


  • Ron Ormson, Syncrude Canada Ltd.
    “Course instructor, Ross Dion was very knowledgeable about the equipment and environment and was able to answer all questions.”
  • Steven Knelsen, Syncrude Canada
    "Ross presented this course in a way that made the material easy to understand and to retain. This course was done well."
  • Jake Lewis, Imperial Oil Resources
    “The instructor kept the entire course entertaining, interesting and informative. Ross Dion knew his material and could answer all questions. I really enjoyed taking it again as a refresher with him.”
  • Gord Vogel, General Electric
    Ross Dion was very well versed in the course material. Course was very informative but was kept interesting by Ross' personal experiences. He has good presentation skills and was able to keep all members of the course involved in Q&A sessions.
  • Scott Slade, Syncrude Canada
    “The instructor, Ross Dion was very informative and attended to the needs of the people currently in the class. He was good at explaining areas which we had questions or concerns. I felt he did a great job and would sit through other courses he may offer.”
  • Adam Matheson, Pembina Pipelines
    "Ross Dion was well spoken and knowledgeable with real life experience."
  • Trent Knobel, SaskPower
    “Ross Dion was an excellent instructor. He was very thorough, explained and reinforced areas that students ask on. Thanks you Ross for your time, awesome course.”
  • James Aitken, Syncrude Canada Ltd.
    “Course is well done and educational. The instructor, Ross Dion made it interesting and kept my attention. Explained all questions thoroughly and kept everyone involved.”
  • Chris Blackmore, Syncrude
    “Ross is a knowledgeable and experienced teacher that has good stories to pass on.”
  • Jim Thomas, Newalta Corp.
    “Course was very well delivered by Ross Dion. He is very knowledgeable and shared a lot of his experiences with us.”
  • Terrell Norris, Kruger Products LP
    “The instructor is very knowledgeable in both practice and theory. Ross was keen, respectful and relatable.”
  • Ron Ormson, Syncrude Canada Ltd.
    “Course instructor, Ross Dion was very knowledgeable about the equipment and environment and was able to answer all questions.”
  • Paddy Kachur, Syncrude Canada
    “Ross Dion was very knowledgeable about the subject material; he could explain everything inside and out and dumb it down until everyone understood what was going on. The best part was to have real stories, so that we can relate to what it's like in real-world situations. Great course and it was presented...
  • Josh Weber, Endako Mines
    "Ross did a very good job passing on the information in this course. He was knowledgeable and had answers to all of the questions thrown at him. I had a great time in the course and learned a lot of valuable information that will help me be a better and safer electrician."
  • Jesse Wangler, Syncrude Canada
    “Ross is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and presented the course in a clear and informative manner, while also keeping it upbeat and interesting. I would gladly do this course again or any other course with Ross.”