Julio Bonilla has been in the Oil and Gas Industry for the past 36 years. He graduated from Saskatchewan Polytechnic majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 1987. Julio then started his career as an estimator for a pressure treating package equipment, vessel, and tank manufacturer in Lloydminster AB/SK’s Oil Industry. In 2000, Julio continued his work in Oil and Gas and went on to work for Integra Engineering as a project coordinator for Facility projects. As a project coordinator, he has worked in the completion of multimillion-dollar oil batteries, water handling facilities and flowlines infrastructures in Alberta and Saskatchewan.


  • Kailan T Parsons, Hovey Industry
    The instructor was well educated on the subject. He was patient as well as polite.
  • Mathieu Morais, HOVEY
    Julio was very friendly, and I enjoyed learning from him.