Achieving Your Leadership Metrics

Dear friends

We have an interesting, and to us exciting, initiative happening within Canada Training Group. As many of you know, we have been teaching leadership, management and other human development courses since 1986.

We have created a separate company, Centuries of Leadership Development, Inc, to now provide this training in association with Canada Training Group.

We have recruited a stellar group of retired line managers to provide these services. It is an unfortunate reality that many leadership trainers have never been supervisors or held line management positions. Their presentations are entertaining and professionally delivered but are not based on personal experiences of the presenters.
It is like a riding instructor who has never ridden a horse telling learners how to ride a horse.

Our instructors come from production, operations, maintenance and the executive suite, and with 30 or more years of experience; when discussions occur within our training or consulting they're speaking from their own hard earned experience.

Our website, currently only has the description of our Industrial Leadership Development program. This course is designed for leaders of electricians, millwrights, operators, etc; a world that is radically different from administration, commerce, public service, etc.

We are currently developing daily blogs on a variety of topics and out goal is to provide you with exceptional tools to build your team, department and organization.

Within each program, we have extensive, practical projects that mimic what a supervisor or manager experiences daily. Our goal is to provide our participants with new skills, and hone existing skills, that can be applied immediately on their return to work.

We will keep you posted on how we can help you build your management career. No matter what your metrics are; safety, quality, productivity, cost control, recruitment, development, team building, etc, our instructors will teach you how they achieved theirs over decades of their successful management careers.

Dave Smith
Canada Training Group
Centuries of Leadership