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This customized 5 day training course will certify that your electrical workers are qualified to safely and effectively work on motor control circuits and VFD installations. It is 80% hands-on and will give your workers the knowledge and skills to troubleshoot motors and motor control systems and program a variety of VFD’s. Participants will test and diagnose over 30 three phase motors, a variety of motor control systems, program VFD’s from ABB, Allen-Bradley, Cutler-Hammer, Danfoss, Eaton, Mitsubishi, Sinamics and Telemecanique and analyze VFD’s from Delta, Hitachi, Honeywell, Omron, Teco-Westinghouse, Trane, Weg and Yaskawa. This broad exposure will give participants the ability and confidence to open the manual for any VFD, set the required parameters and analyze problems. Client systems will be integrated into this program at no extra cost to the client. It is common for participants to realize opportunities for improvements to their own systems during this training. This hands-on course is taught in Canada Training Group’s Lab 3.1, a full size highway trailer that has been customized for this training. Canada Training Group is ISO 9001 certified and authorized to provide 4.0 CEU’s for this training. Special attention is provided to the deadliness of VFD’s and how to troubleshoot them safely.

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Course topics

I. VFD Hazards

Objective: Work safely around and with VFD’s to protect themselves, others and your facility.

II. VFD Applications

Objective: Recognize applications where VFD’s or their improvement will benefit your facility.

III. VFD Connections

Objective: Install a VFD

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I. VFD Hazards

Objective: Work safely around and with VFD’s to protect themselves, others and your facility.

  • Human Dangers
  • System Dangers

II. VFD Applications

Objective: Recognize applications where VFD’s or their improvement will benefit your facility.

  • Energy Savings
  • Process Control
  • Client Systems

III. VFD Connections

Objective: Install a VFD

  • Drive Components
  • VFD Wiring
  • VFD Reference Signals
  • Test Points

IV. VFD 1: Telemecanique Operation

Objective: Install and program a Telemecanique VFD

  • VFD Programming
  • Standard Operation
  • Advanced Operation

V. VFD Braking

Objective: Provide braking to a VFD

  • Standard Braking Method
  • Alternative Braking Methods

VI. VFD’s 2-7 Motor Control Projects

Objective: Install and program a variety of VFD’s

  • VFD 2: Sinamics
  • VFD 3: Allen-Bradley
  • VFD 4: Cutler Hammer
  • VFD 5: Mitsubishi
  • VFD 6: ABB
  • VFD 7: Danfoss

VII. VFD’s 8 & 9 Constant Torque and Variable Torque Loads

Objective: Install and program VFDs to control constant and variable torque loads

  • Application Curves
  • Constant Torque Practical Projects
  • Variable Torque Practical Projects

VIII. VFD Control Schemes

Objective: Maintain and troubleshoot a variety of VFD control schemes

  • Control Modes
  • Feedback Loops
  • Closed Loop and PID
  • VFD Control Schemes

IX. Review VFD’s 10 - 17

Objective: Determine how to program, test and troubleshoot any VFD

  • VFD 10 - Delta
  • VFD 11 - Hitachi
  • VFD 12 - Honeywell
  • VFD 13 - Omron
  • VFD 14 - Teco-Westinghouse
  • VFD 15 - Trane
  • VFD 16 - Weg
  • VFD 16 - Yaskawa

X. Medium Voltage Drives (Inhouse Option Only)

Objective: Program, maintain and troubleshoot client MV VFD system problems

  • Client Drive

XI. System Problems

Objective: Identify and troubleshoot VFD system problems

  • Drive Protection
  • System Protection
  • Motor Protection
  • Installation

XII. VFD Maintenance

Objective: Perform predictive maintenance on VFD systems

  • Standard Maintenance
  • Advanced Maintenance
  • VFD 18 Liquid Cooled VFD’s

XIII. Motor and VFD System Failure Modes

Objective: Identify the failure modes of motor and VFD systems

  • System Troubleshooting
  • Three Phase Motor Construction

XIV. Commissioning

Objective: Commission a VFD

  • Acceptance Testing

XV. Testing and Troubleshooting

Objective: Test and troubleshoot motor and VFD systems

  • Test Variable Frequency Drives
  • Three Phase Motor Testing
  • Troubleshoot Motor Control Circuits
  • Dave Smith

    Years of Experience

    Dave Smith has been an Industrial Maintenance Electrician since 1975. He has taught maintenance, troubleshooting and safety courses to thousands of electricians in mines, mills, refineries, factories, plants, power stations and offshore platforms throughout North America and the Middle East. Dave is a hands-on guy and teaches from a field perspective with his intended audience being his utmost concern...

    • Blaine Larson, Husky Energy
      "Dave is easy to understand and can take the heckling from guys trying to argue. Very knowledgeable about the curriculum and technical aspects of CSA Z462."
    • Lee Kocyba, Akita Drilling
      “Dave was a very good instructor with his knowledge on electrical and how to apply it with common occurrences that you may have on the rig.”
    • Jeff Simmons, Syncrude Canada
      "Dave did a good job during the presentation, stopping to talk about each area of discussion to make sure we understood everything."
    See Dave Smith CV
  • Jim Roberts

    Years of Experience

    Jim Roberts brings over 34 years of experience in the electrical field. A graduate from the Georgian College Electrical Engineering program, he started his career at Toronto Hydro Electrical Systems as a High Voltage Underground Cable Fault Technician then proceeded to Toronto Transit Commission where he obtained his red seal 309A electrical license and became a Maintenance/Construction Electrician...

    • Kevin Archambault, Canadian Coast Guard
      “Jim was very informative. He also brought a lot of experience to the course. He was able to relate with what we do on a regular basis.”
    • Paul Steinkey, Daam Galvanizing Ltd.
      “Jim was very knowledgeable with course material. He would also answer questions that were outside of the course and pertained to our own jobs. He engaged all of us at the beginning and said, "No question was a stupid question." Thanks Jim.”
    • Connie Oglivie, Lambton Kent DSB
      Good course, good resource materials, valuable networking.
    See Jim Roberts CV

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