Arc Flash & Low Voltage Safety for Operators - 1 day course
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This one-day course is designed for non-electrical workers requiring certification in the Workplace Electrical Safety standards, CSA Z462-18 and NFPA 70E.

Other trades and operators do not repair electrical systems but they do operate them, continuously work around electrical equipment and often will work in conjunction with an electrician. In all of these instances, the standards are very clear; workers must be trained, qualified and certified for the tasks that they are doing.

The successful participant will gain a solid understanding of hazards encountered while operating or working around low voltage electrical installations including a full understanding of the arc hazard standard, appropriate PPE selection and safe work procedures. They will also be able to identify electrical equipment misoperation and signs of impending electrical failures.

This is a very practical course with many examples of low voltage accidents ensuring maximum buy in from every student and conformance to company safe work procedures and industry safe work practices contributing to a safer workplace with both less risky behaviour and reduced downtime.

This course is taught by certified electrical professionals with decades of hands-on field experience and solid credentials as professional adult learning instructors. This program includes professionally designed slides, videos, extensive use of case studies and hands-on demonstrations of common electrical problems. This program examines the electrical hazards found in industry and stresses the importance of the individual employee proactively recognizing hazards and applying safe work practices with the goal of zero incidents.

Who should attend: Non Electrical Workers whose daily activities involve the operation of industrial power systems.

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  • Erica Selzler, Canadian Coast Guard
    "Powerful stories and videos on the power of electricity and a reminder to always be aware."
  • David Wilson, Canadian Coast Guard
    "Instructors knowledge and experience was excellent. From the information provided it became clear that we should not be working on the 40 year old switchgear, this should be left to the electrical specialists rather than the electronic specialists. We did routine charging of the switchgear as a convenience...
  • Josh Hayter, Canadian Coast Guard
    "The instructor provided all information clearly and answered extra questions. This was a very educational course and worthwhile."

Course topics







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  • Electrocution
  • Arc Flash
  • Arc Blast
  • Protection



  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Workers
  • Federal Legislation
  • Maintaining a Defensible Position



  • Distance
  • Current
  • Time
  • PPE
  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Safe Work Practices



  • Responsibilities
  • Training Requirements
  • Electrical Safety Program



  • Justification for Work
  • Energized Electrical Work Permit
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Approach Boundaries To Live Parts
  • Shock Protection
  • Flash Protection
  • Personal Protection Equipment



  • Process of Achieving an ESWC
  • Working on or New De-Energized, LOTO Equipment
  • Temporary Protective Grounding Equipment
  • Dave Smith

    Years of Experience

    Dave Smith has been an Industrial Maintenance Electrician since 1975. He has taught maintenance, troubleshooting and safety courses to thousands of electricians in mines, mills, refineries, factories, plants, power stations and offshore platforms throughout North America and the Middle East. Dave is a hands-on guy and teaches from a field perspective with his intended audience being his utmost concern...

    • Carla Young, Syncrude Canada
      "Very relaxed, informative and funny. Great instructor!!"
    • Bob MacGregor, BC Hydro
      "Excellent instructor, one of the best."
    • Greg Baun, Akita Drilling
      "The instructor, Dave Smith was clear and covered a lot of information in the 4 days. He is very knowledgeable and really knows is stuff."
    See Dave Smith CV
  • Peter Waugh

    Years of Experience

    Peter Waugh brings 39 years of experience in fields of maintenance and human resources management. Peter graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick. He started his career with Westinghouse Industrial Field Service servicing power distribution equipment. He then moved to the Pulp & Paper industry where he worked for three companies over the next 30 years working in...

    • Erik Mikkelsen, Pretium Resources
      "Peter was very well spoken and thorough with critical information. He exhibited excellent knowledge and patience. Im extremely excited to gain knowledge that I can start to use immediately. The brochure information followed a proper, organized system. Thank you very much."
    • Sean McLennan, Pretium Resources
      "The course was very detailed. The instructor, Peter uses real life stories to get the information across. Clear and able to relate to scenarios at work."
    • Greg Hogg, Pretium Resources
      "These 2 days of training have been by far the best training sessions I have been apart of. Peter did a great job of delivering information and aiming it to our needs here with Pretium. Thank you Peter."
    See Peter Waugh CV
  • Joe Kiceniuk

    Years of Experience

    Joe Kiceniuk was educated at University of Alberta and University of British Columbia and has technical training in electronics with over 40 years experience in electronic circuit construction, troubleshooting and service. Joe has a working knowledge of multiple programming languages and extensive experience with quality control in analytical systems. He has designed and built equipment and is the...

    • Kevin Boyle, Agrium
      Instructor was knowledgeable and experienced which was beneficial to relating real world applications. Instructor’s character was good to work with.
    • Mario Vargas, Bradken
      "Joe was very knowledgeable about all of the different questions that were asked. He was a very good teacher/instructor."
    • Morgan Kadachuk, Cameco – Cigar Lake
      “This course was beneficial, helps you to try approach troubleshooting in a more efficient and quicker way. I really enjoyed the timing relay CCT. It helped me to narrow down a fault and write down what I did to help me finish my CCT fault. Thank you, Joe Kiceniuk”
    See Joe Kiceniuk CV
  • Dave Neal

    Years of Experience

    With 33 years of on the job experience at Hydro One, doing consulting work for McGregor Allsop, Trow Engineering Consultants and Dillion and Associates, Dave has acquired extensive knowledge of electrical equipment, installations and legislative requirements. While with Hydro One, Dave was involved with many projects including: - Held the lead role in the implementation of the new Training Development...

    • Cory Mottishaw, Ozcan Services
      “Dave’s teaching is easy to grasp and I got a lot of valuable knowledge from today’s course, Arc Flash Low Voltage Safety. I have learnt a lot today and look forward to the High Voltage Safety course that Dave also teaches.”
    • Florian Constantine, Martinrea Automotive Systems Canada Ltd.
      First of all thanks for sending Dave Neal . He is well versed with subject and kept going 8 hours. All the participants (many are not electricians) were completely glued to the subject and the training. It is indeed a good eye opener for many of us. Dave you are really good in what you are doing : Training...
    • John Slaney, Kiewit Energy Canada Corp.
      “Dave brought a lot of experience with him to the course. He was very knowledgeable and answered all questions. Dave Neal was a great instructor.”
    See Dave Neal CV
  • Edward Rideout

    Years of Experience

    Ed Rideout has been involved with the electrical field in many ways for nearly 35 years. His electrical experience started when he was just out of vocational school and was hired as the sole electrician at a local fish plant in charge of six fishing trawlers, a power house and a fish plant facility. In 1975 Ed went on to work with Nova Scotia Power, first as an apprentice electrician in a generating...

    • Garry Tompkins, Suncor
      "Ed Rideout is a very good instructor. He has a great knowledge in the electrical field and teaches in a very interesting way. You feel like you are part of the team. Thanks Ed."
    • Martin Stevens, Suncor
      "The instructor, Ed Rideout was one of the better instructors I have ever had. He made a lot of the material less boring with his sense of humor."
    • Tony Cranford, Newfoundland Power
      “This was a really good course and instructor(Ed Rideout). I found great improvement in troubleshooting procedures and documentation. It also reduced number of steps to find faults by 50% to 75% (more efficient). I recognized different ways to troubleshoot (both open circuits and short circuits). I...
    See Edward Rideout CV
  • Jim Roberts

    Years of Experience

    Jim Roberts brings over 34 years of experience in the electrical field. A graduate from the Georgian College Electrical Engineering program, he started his career at Toronto Hydro Electrical Systems as a High Voltage Underground Cable Fault Technician then proceeded to Toronto Transit Commission where he obtained his red seal 309A electrical license and became a Maintenance/Construction Electrician...

    • Connie Oglivie, Lambton Kent DSB
      Good course, good resource materials, valuable networking.
    • Mario DiDonato, SofSurfaces
      Good information for getting a good base knowledge of arc flash and hazards.
    • Shoaib Patel, Toronto Transit Commission
      “Jim Roberts was a good instructor. He was very clear in helping us understand how to safely deal with high voltage. He also made us aware of all the dangers that we could come across.”
    See Jim Roberts CV
  • Fred Tanguay

    Years of Experience

    With 30+ years of knowledge and experience gained from working in a variety of areas including power apparatus maintenance and commissioning, power engineering and design as well as training seminars for industrial and utility clients, Fred has a lot to offer students. In addition to an in-depth background in these areas, Fred also has qualifications in the following: - Occupational Health & Safety...

    • Ron Holland, Syncrude Canada
      One of the best courses I have ever taken. The hands on aspect was very good in keeping it interesting and informative. The instructor was very knowledgeable and informative as well. The relaxed environment also allowed for good knowledge sharing between peers. Don't change a thing.
    • Cam Rands, Mosaic Potash
      “Fred was a very good instructor that can explain stuff in a way anyone could understand. He kept us interested on the topics and the hands on work. I would like to see him at more of our courses.”
    • Stuart Yanish, Mosaic Potash
      “Fred was a clear and to the point type of instructor who made it easy to understand some more advanced technical theories. Hands on work and also reiterated what he was trying to explain to us.”
    See Fred Tanguay CV
  • "Powerful stories and videos on the power of electricity and a reminder to always be aware."

    Erica Selzler, Canadian Coast Guard
  • "Instructors knowledge and experience was excellent. From the information provided it became clear that we should not be working on the 40 year old switchgear, this should be left to the electrical specialists rather than the electronic specialists. We did routine charging of the switchgear as a convenience...

    David Wilson, Canadian Coast Guard
  • "The instructor provided all information clearly and answered extra questions. This was a very educational course and worthwhile."

    Josh Hayter, Canadian Coast Guard

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